Media Engineering bachelor's thesis

Important notice (April, 11th 2016): The project is over now and I have passed my degree. However, this website will still get updates and new content from time to time.

Welcome on my website accompanying my bachelor's thesis in the course Media Engineering. My name is Adam Kalisz, I was studying Media Engineering at the Technische Hochschule Georg-Simon-Ohm in Nuremberg and finishing my bachelor's degree.

For my thesis I chose to work on "Visualization of laser scanner point cloud as 3D panorama". I make this work publicly available through this website. Please take a look in the "abstract" section for an overview.

I made a video about my motivation and development for the research:

The research paper is being published during writing here:

The final thesis defense presentation video depicts the production pipeline from on-site scanning to 3D modeling:

This is the very first screencast of the software PC2B, developed during the research:

You can get the source code for the converter software on GitHub: